-the coziest of cozy games, where you take care of sick monsters on candlebook island-
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In a nutshell:

  • You play Fiona, the new monster veterinarian at Candlebook Island
  • Make freinds with your coworkers, discover their lives and history
  • Treat sick monsters, and research mysterious illnesses you're not sure how to cure at the library
  • Most of all, take care of yourself and Fiona. Keep her wellrested, not overworked, and happy, and the game rewards you.
  • Perfectly cozy music to match the mood
  • Perfectly cut pixel art, that will make anyone smile with cozy joy
  • Launched on the Nintedo Switch September 2023, with Itch and Steam releases in October and November 2023, respectfully.
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Phew, good thing he's okay.
Handy in game map
Spooky! I wonder who lives here?
Unwinding with friends after a long day

Fiona's Job isn't easy!

  • Over thirteen unique monsters to care for
  • With tons of various silly illnesses to treat, like Sloopy Poops and Graveyard Itch
  • You'll need to stay on good terms with Fiona's coworkers! They can always help when you get in a pickle.
  • The island is pretty big, and it's easy to get lost. Check your map often until you get your bearings
  • The monsters move around at night, so you have to search them out each day
  • Make sure you unwind and relax in the evening with your coworkers. You worked hard, you deserve it!

Help is always just a short walk away

  • Whenever you don't know a cure, head to the library and do some research.
  • Once you got that settled, head over to the apothecary and buy the cure
  • If you're feeling tired or your spirits are low, get thee to the bakery and have a tasty muffin or a cup of coffee. Try our mint mocha blast! It's delicious.
  • You send and recieve mail with your own personal mailcrow, including your daily paycheck!
A mummified dragon's corpse is wrapped around the library tower
The apothecary at night
You've got mail!


  • A system of work life balance. You overwork yourself, and it's harder to do your job, and you become surly and say the wrong things at the wrong time.
  • A handful of emotional subplots and sidestories that let you get to know your coworkers.
  • A day/night cycle, with stars reflecting in the water at night.
  • An extensive and fun virtual game manual, just like the video games of old.
  • Charming and cozy pick up and play gameplay. Just unwind with the game after a rough day, and have fun.
  • An addictively fun gameplay loop of searching out the monsters each day and caring for them.
Hanging out with your pet heal slime, Lily
Getting a good night's sleep is important!
Who doesn't love a good manual?
The librarian is more complex than he first appears
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